GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....
GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....

Welcome to GS & TJ Services Inc. Commercial Inspector Chicago and Northern Illinois

Supporting the business community one investor at a time. As a provider of property consulting services, GS & TJ Services Inc. offers vital support to Northern Illinois real estate investors. We understand the importance of dignified assistance as a means of improving the livelihood of an entire real estate community. We are your Commercial Inspector in the greater Chicago and Northern Illinois area. 


Our expertise is recognized by one of the top seven largest due dilligence consulting firms in the nation, with whom we are a professional affiliate and work closely with.

Projects our staff have been involved in...

Learn more about our philosophy and how we work, and get to know our professional staff. No matter what your needs, we offer a range of commercial property services, from property assessment maintenance tools to detailed commercial property inspections.


We are dedicated to helping investors to make an informed choice when crucial decisions have to be made on property acquisitions. We are based in Chicago, but we service any client in the northern Illinois region.  As inspectors, we endeavor to honestly live up to our namesake:  Great Service and a Thorough Job

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