GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....
GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....


The world today is "buyer beware". Purchasing property is always a risky proposition. It is a course of wisdom to hire a property consultant. There is no such thing as a perfect home or building. It is our job to let you know about the hidden defects so you can make an informed decision.


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 The state of Illinois have passed laws to protect the residential property buyer. It is state law that real estate brokers give their clients the option to hire a licensed indepent property inspector before closing. This is ALWAYS wise, no matter whether it is new construction, a newly rehabbed property, or a short sale.  We have found major and minor defects in all of such homes. It is worth the peace of mind to have us look at your potential home, so that you will know what you are purchasing. We check everything. Look at one of our sample reports below.


 The commercial property scene is different. The state does not regulate or require the option in commercial real estate transactions. However, it is even more important, as most of the time, a lot more money is at risk. So the principle of "Buyer beware" is even more important. We check all systems, the roof, the HVAC units, plumbing, electrical, etc.  See one of our sample commercial reports below.


GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....

Sample Commercial Inspection
Sample Commercial Building Inspection report. Report of a warehouse.
SampleReport Commercial3.pdf
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Sample Residential Inspection
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