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GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....

Real estate agent's continuing education


Real Estate agents:


FREE - continuing


education credits!!!


I will conduct continuing education


classes free for most groups of 10


agents or more. Hurry!! Talk to your managing broker!


(3 credit hours each on the following subjects:


- Managing a Home Inspection


- Grow Houses (marijuana)


- Lead Safety


- Mold issues


- Newer Houses(how to prepare clients)


Smaller classes depend on number and location.


Contact us for details...


(You have until April 30th to get 12 credit


hours, get started now!)



I am a licensed real estate continuing education instructor


for real estate agenges/brokers: I will be conducting several continuing education classes of 3


credit hours each starting in January 2018. (FOR REAL


ESTATE BROKERS IN ILLINOIS!! - see photo below)


My first class in 2018 was held at the Hilton Hotel - Sheffield Room, located at 93rd and Cicero...included a very delicious full breakfast buffet catered by the exclusive Witney's Bar and Grill


Reviews from attendees - 


What attendees Enjoyed Most:

* The instructor, Leon was very informative on home inspection procedures.

* Presenter's knowledge and complete coverage of most relevant topics

* Additional information about a home inspection.

* Learning what an inspector looks for and why.

* The presenter was very informed, and gave examples from his years of experience. Answers to questions were thoroughly explained.

* The professional and ease of the presenter and material used.

* Very informative, love the part about preparing your buyer and seller before the inpsection

* Breakfast and of course the price of the class (free)



For more information, contact us at 773-234-4785 or


Note: We conduct instruction classes for groups

in real estate office. Call for details: 




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