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GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....

Commercial Property Inspections

GS & TJ Services Commercial Property Condition Assessments are performed in accordance with the ASTM Standards of Practice E2018-08. Sometimes referred to as Property Condition Reports, Physical Needs Assessments, Physical Condition Assessments, or Physical Condition Surveys, PCAs are a visual and non-destructive assessment of: the site and grounds, structural systems, the exterior envelope, including doors, windows and signage, roofing systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, interior components (concentrating on non-cosmetic considerations) and if applicable, pool/spa and components.


Depending upon the size and complexity of the property, GS&TJ will assemble an expert team to accurately assess the condition of the property and components. We will complete our PCA site visit within one day if possible.


GS&TJ's PCA report includes detailed descriptions of the existing physical components, observed current conditions in need of repair with color pictures of all issues.

Sample Commercial Inspection Report
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