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Most people that understand building services are familiar with the term HVAC, which stands for heating, venting, and air conditioning. HVAC management began in the second century and was used in Roman cities where it was referred to as hypocaust. Eventually, HVAC management became more prominent and started to play an integral role during the industrial revolution as large factories begin to use HVAC systems.

HVAC controls the climate in commercial buildings and other facilities. Although HVAC is commonly referred to as climate control; that term has shifted to energy management. HVAC management involves the regulation of heating systems, radiators, chimneys, ventilators, air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air filters.

In most countries, every building must be operated in a safe and efficient way. This involves keeping the environment comfortable and ensuring that people are breathing clean and ventilated air. To keep things regulated and maintain an energy efficient environment, most buildings have an HVAC management department. HVAC management covers the installation, repair, maintenance, and even the construction of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

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