GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....
GS & TJ - Great Service & a Thorough Job....


We are just as dilligent about our residential inspections as we are about our commercial inspections:


Residential Inspections are crucial to the process of purchasing a home. For many, the home is the largest financial investment they will make. Without the independant inspection, the buyer is open to the possibility of meeting thousands of dollars of hidden problems not known at time of purchase. We live up to our name: Great Service and a Thorough Job when inspecting houses that will potentially be our client's homes.  We have saved our clients from serious safety hazards, serious foundation settling problems, serious moisture intrusion, etc.  Along with a slew of minor issues that sellers, rehabers, and even new construction, have missed or skipped on. Our client is number one when we perform our inspections.


By Illinois law, you are given the opportunity to hire an independent licensed inspector before closing on your. If you miss that opportunity, you may have to live with the issues you find after closing.


Our strong suggestion: Do NOT purchase a home without an independant licensed inspector looking at it. Our experience is that many a buyer would be duped into purchasing "good looking" lemons if it were not for our inspections.

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